It is now possible to electronically document a trauma case.

RESPOND Scribe provides quick and efficient digital charting capabilities for trauma cases. With Scribe, we’ve developed a groundbreaking touch-entry system that allows you to input quickly and efficiently into the RESPOND flow sheet. Don’t want to train your staff to use an entirely new trauma flow sheet? That won’t be necessary, because RESPOND Scribe is customized and modeled off your current flow sheet. Plus, with our clinical goals system, you can be assured that your team will hit its time-sensitive goals.

  • Groundbreaking quick and efficient way to electronically enter trauma data
  • Customized based upon your current Trauma Flow Sheet and work processes
  • Arrivals and Notify integration gives your team even more capabilities at their fingertips
  • Includes RESPOND Analytics to easily review your team’s performance and progress based upon your trauma center’s pre-set time based goals.
  • Data can flow into your EHR or trauma registry, eliminating the need for data re-entry by your clinical staff.